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"History meets innovation" is undoubtedly the best description for this unique setting and spectacular #ViewWithThrill". In the midst of one of the most important fortified areas of Central Europe, surrounded by wonderful scenery and imposing mountain chains, highline179 connects the castle ruins of Ehrenberg with Fort Claudia.

Due to highline179's narrow and open design, visitors experience a remarkable floating sensation. At a height of 114 m and with a 360° panorama, the visit is really a unique experience. Daring visitors have been proving their courage by conquering highline179 since November 2014. In December 2014, the rope suspension bridge gained a place in the Guinness Book of Records as „Longest Tibet-style footbridge“.

Technical details:

Height of the bridge: 114,60 metres
Length of the bridge: 406 metres
Path width: 1,2 metres
Bridge supported: by 4 supporting cables, each 60 mm diameter
Safety: 8 rock anchors, each driven 17 metres into the ground
Dead weight: 70 tonnes
Bridge load: max. 500 people
Der Bau der highline179
Der Bau der highline179
Der Bau der highline179
Der Bau der highline179
Der Bau der highline179
Der Bau der highline179
Der Bau der highline179
Der Bau der highline179

The Story

How a thin thread became a bridge

  • highline179 - Die Idee


    It was in 1998-99 that architect Armin Walch first conceived of a bridge spanning the B179 from castle to castle. Walch has been committed to the preservation and renovation of the old castle ruins at Burgenwelt Ehrenberg for over 20 years. After a process involving multiple revisions of the plans, many discussions and series of approvals, a private investor was found in 2012.

  • Spatenstich highline179

    May 2014

    The design and construction were conceived in such a way that the building of highline179 could be carried out with minimal impact on the natural surroundings.
    In May 2014, the idea became a reality. After ground was broken on 7 May 2014, excavations were started, the anchors were fixed into the rock, and the specially developed supports were installed.

  • Historische Kanonenstellung auf Fort Claudia

    May 2014

    At the same time, a viewing point was erected a few metres further along on the foundation walls of a historic cannon position on the Fort Claudia side. First of all, the foundation walls had to be cleared and subsequently widened and secured, in keeping with the originals and with the historic surroundings.

  • highline179 - Drohnenflug


    In September 2014 the suspension bridge finally began to appear. A quadcopter flew a thin thread from one side of the mountain to the other. A thicker rope was then fastened to it and pulled from one mountain to the other like a clothes line. By the end of the day, it was possible to stretch the first thin steel cable.

  • highline179 - 60mm dickes Tragseil

    With the aid of a cable car and a cable winch, the 60 mm-thick carrying cables were stretched and fastened to the anchors. The B179 below was boxed in to protect vehicles passing by.

  • Okt 2014

    After that, the record-breaking bridge grew step-by-step. Just nine days after the last cable was stretched into place, it was possible to hang the 120 gratings to the supporting cables with brackets, though these could only be bolted on tightly after the bridge was joined up on 29.10.2014. The handrail, the bridge lighting, and the safety net still had to be installed at this point.

  • highline179 Eröffnung

    Nov 2014

    On 22.11.2014, highline179 was officially opened to all visitors, and has continued to enthral both young and old since.

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